Girl Scouts Announce New Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie for 2019

Published 08-14-2018

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Is there any dessert more iconic than the Girl Scout cookie? We're not sure there is. Although mainstays like Trefoils, Samoas, and Thin Mints have been around for generations, the Girl Scouts of the USA also have a lengthy list of cookies that have come and gone over the years. And while some are better than others, their new cookie for 2019 is everything you could want and then some. Yes, the Girl Scouts are finally launching the Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie for their next season.According to a press release, Girl Scouts in select markets will sell the Caramel Chocolate Chip.

As the name suggests, this new sweet treat is a chewy cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips and caramel throughout. Oh, and did we mention it's gluten-free?The Caramel Chocolate Chip isn't the only gluten-free option available to Girl Scout cookie fans. The Girl Scouts introduced the Toffee-tastic cookie in 2015, and that launch was a major success for the centenarian institution.While the Caramel Chocolate Chip has yet to hit the Girl Scout cookie flier or be tasted by customers, it's something those with gluten intolerances can look forward to. For the rest of us? Well, we'll just have to see where this new offering ranks among the best Girl Scout cookies of all time.

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