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Los Angeles County Supervisory Board member Jarred O'Brien performs before a large crowd at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 9, 2017. With his wife and two children in the front row and other family members.

The American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster, a new American acoustic guitar named after the company, is one of the most popular acoustic guitars in the world, according to the companies. From left to right: Jim James, who is the lead singer and songwriter for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

The calendar includes concerts in various genres, including some of the more well-known acts on the local music scene, as well as some new acts. The venue offers a variety of events, including concerts by local artists, local bands and local musicians.

re on a headlining tour or just starting out, these live music locations in Orange County can help you organize your next concert. From big names like Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake to local acts like Chris Brown, there are plenty of great shows to see in the city. Many bars and restaurants in the OC host concerts by hiking bands, musicians from around the world and local bands.

Here you will find a four-stage area, which includes a full bar, live music, food and drinks and an open-air stage. Other popular venues in Anaheim include the Anaheim Convention Center, Orange County Convention and Visitors Center and the OC Convention & Visitors Bureau. Other popular concert venues are located alongside some of the more famous venues, including the California State Fairgrounds, Anaheim City Hall and Anaheim International Airport. Some of them include Anaheim's largest concert halls, such as the Los Angeles Convention Center, Orange City Convention Hall and Orange State Park.

Grand Legacy Park is located in the heart of Anaheim, just blocks from the Anaheim Convention Center. You can enjoy live music and watch the Disneyland fireworks, as well as food, drinks and entertainment on the main stage of the park.

Past performances at Honda Center have included KROQ Christmas, which is always sold out, and the ever-popular Christmas in Anaheim. The venue in this sunny city was decorated by Katy Perry, Shania Twain and the Foo Fighters, among others. Music is charged with live performances by some of the world's most popular artists, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and many more, in one place.

The House of Blues calendar is always a must - check out a selection of incredible talents, including some of the biggest names in the world of hip hop, rock and roll. Some of the big names to have made the Pacific Amp include Kool & the Gang, Willie Nelson, Brett Dennison and many more. The musicians played in the house as early as the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In fact, over the years, various legends have passed through the house, singing their tunes and winning the hearts of people all over the city.

Time will tell if Five Point will become the icon that Irvine Meadows is, but the fact that you don't have to wait too long for the doors to open gives me hope. If you haven't seen a show here, check out some of the more intimate venues in the hall. The City of National Grove has been voted among the top 10 North American stops time and again, and the venue was originally the Galaxy Concert Theatre. A 2011 Reno turned it into a two-hall live-show powerhouse, proving that Orange County is still a musical powerhouse.

The 18,000-seat arena is home to the NHL's Anaheim Ducks and has been home to a number of greats including the Foo Fighters, the Grateful Dead, Metallica and many more.

Throughout the year, it hosts more than 250 performances and events featuring live music, live entertainment, concerts and tours of Broadway productions. The summer concert series runs from July 4th to the end of August, including fireworks. This summer, the fair kicks off the summer concert series on July 14 with a concert by Grateful Dead, Foo Fighters, Metallica and others.

The Ranch Saloon next to the Ranch Restaurant in Anaheim is one of two bars that dance to the music of the most popular bands in the Los Angeles area. The bar and music hall are over 100 years old and were originally a private residence that was transformed into a truckstop café on the side of Highway 5. Live entertainment is provided six days a week, including live music on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday night.

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